At War

Events, as they take place, on the siege of Orange Hair against the city of Los Angeles

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our forces are busy equipping drones with a battery of ice darts. We have developed a way to freeze-dry hallucinogenics into very small frozen darts that when they hit their target on the skin or clothing, a dose of either: Ecstasy, LSD, or THC is administered. Each drone is equip with two ounces of ice darts that gives the drone thousands of darts to administer on each mission.

Each dart consists of a large enough dose to render the person hit with enough hallucinogenic material to cause complete perceptual anomalies lasting one to two days. If hit by more doses the effect could go weeks to months causing a complete psychotic breakdown.

We have drones that have the agility to fly within flocks of birds giving them complete secrecy in advancing on the enemy, or to lay in wait, blending like chameleons,  for spying and to attack the target on command from where ever they emerge.

Orange Hair is preparing his troops to siege our beloved city. But he will have a surprise should he try. At the moment he is hiding in the Marsh Of The Rich Fat Assholes of Lower Florida. He has brought his Molesting machine, his beloved gift from Puss Stain, ruler of all Russia. From his campaign to enslave women there are several hundred Muslim and Hispanics maidens for him to pick out and use his Molesting machine on. Orange Hair has invited his cabinet to choose among the women whom to torture and giving in to their thirst for power. This gives us time to set our drones to cover the skies and wait. For we shall rescue these women from the clutches of evil and set them free.  Their freedom will enrage the deranged Orange Hair and cause him to commit even more mistakes, perhaps fatal mistakes.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Orange Hair's Battle Against The Free Press

Orange Hair hates bad news about him. Bad news about others? That's okay but he will not tolerate anything that questions his decisions or actions. He wants to replace a free press for the Orange Hair World View, which he deems the only valid news source.  He wants Orange Hair news that says all things good about Orange Hair. Anything else is dangerous and a threat to his desires of world domination. Puss Stain, the new Stalin of Russia, has told Orange Hair that without suppressing the truth, he could not dominate the world much less America. It was something that poor Puss Stain had to repeat over and over to Orange Hair due to Orange Hair's obsession on all things Orange Hair.

So now the Supreme Oligarch of all Russia has planted in Orange Hair's circle of  plants to whisper over and over the need to control all information. Very important for world domination.

Puss Stain controls all news, information, data, for all of Russia. This criminal of freedom has a burning desire for world domination as well. His puppet in America Orange Hair, admires Puss Stain because he is a ruthless tyrant, he wants America to join Puss Stain and his campaign against free thought. It is too dangerous to think without Puss Stain or Orange Hair telling you what to think of and about.

We are in peril of losing our country to evil men. Men who want all things their way and we must fight with everything we have. Join us in the City of Angles, Los Angeles, City of Refuge, City of Light and fight the good fight against the ruthless tyrants, Orange Hair and his keeper Puss Stain.

We have dart drones and devices and will blanket the sky with our robotic and highly developed techno gear. We will show the world a new war fought not by the bodies of men but the intelligence of their machines that do not bleed life. 

It is a new era, a time for all those everywhere to stand up against the tyranny of the few over all others. It is time to usher in the age of Aquarius.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Kevin McCarthy Warns California Of The Wrath Of Orange Hair

Snot nosed McCarthy who recently removed his head from Orange Hair's ass came back to California to warn us that if we do not bow down and worship Orange Hair, as he does, we will face his unrelenting wrath.

Notice McCarthy's face freshly pulled from Orange Hair's ass. The pouting lips that suckle on Orange Hair's sphincter. The bent nose from the large amount of time spent up the rear of Orange Hair. This is the look that McCarthy wants Californians to have, but we will not brown nose this tyrant and turn into the sniveling coward that McCarthy has become. McCarthy is a traitor to all California. He needs to move closer to Moscow and we intend to put them there so he can sniff the butts of Puss Stain and Orange Hair that he adores and worships.

The battle is soon to come. Orange Hair is gathering his forces along with his goons like McCarthy. Beware City of Angels for this demon pictured here is no friend of ours. Gather your dart drones and devices and be ready for the attack that could come at any moment for the siege is about to begin.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Orange Hair Grants An Audience With His Minions

Orange Hair gathered bales of dollar bills from the treasury to drop from Air Force One as he flew over the swamps of Florida to help in gathering a crowd. Those that showed up had to buy an overpriced hat that said, I'm with Stupid. But the crowd didn't mind since the hats are red which is perfect for possum hunting and driving pick ups. The crowd was happy with their hats and Orange hair was happy with getting all their found money. And as the crowd looked for the free beer advertised on flyers they soon learned that the Dixie cup of warm suds came only after they entered the hangar and the doors were shut and locked. Still it was free although flat and on the warm side, but they had their beer and a bench to sit on. That's when Orange Hair brought in the entertainment to warm up the crowd.
It was a success with the beer bellied hillbillys in attendance for most of them never saw a naked thigh that wasn't two hundred pounds of wiggly fat, and though the dancers had tits that didn't hang to their belly, the overhaul crowd loved them still. One was overheard to say he never saw anything so exciting since they outlawed public lynchings.

Orange Hair, seated on his glorious porcelain throne, stood and raised his hand to hush the crowd, he was about to speak. But the crowd wanted more beer and maybe a bit of pickled pork belly but Orange Hair denied their request and blamed the media.

"I told you about the media didn't I?" He asked as he scanned the crowd. "The lying thieves ate all the pickled pork belly and they drank the rest of the beer too, but they'll deny it if you ask them. That's how low down they are. They would take  your granny's beer can while she rocked on the front porch if you didn't watch them."

A roar of boos erupted along with more than a few belches of gas which pleased Orange Hair and he knew that he was on the right track.

"I saw one of these Northern scoundrels pull a whiskey bottle right out of the mouth of a nursing mother before she could take a swig." More boos and cat calls came from the growing unruly crowd.

The press corps began to look for an exit but found every escape route batten downed.  They began to worry.

"You know you can't trust what they write. Not that you could read it but if you could, it is all lies so I'll tell you what they wrote." Orange Hair then looked out to the crowd and in a very long voice screamed, "LIES. That's what they write about me." The crowd erupted once more, belching and spitting, puffing and huffing.

Then Orange Hair swept back his coif, raised both hands to the ceiling and yelled, "They hate Jesus too. Can you imagine."

Well it was to much for the crowd. They tore off the boards they had sat on and marched toward the press stand where shivering journalists stood petrified.

We don't know how many survived to write about anything, some grabbed red hats and tried to blend with the crowd but most of them didn't survive. This much we know.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Republicans Love Orange Hair and Orange Hair Loves All Things Russian

With the help of the Republican party, Orange Hair is successfully selling secrets to Russia.  Puss Stain is so happy with his puppet, he doesn't have to pull strings, the puppet dances to the tunes Russia plays without any help. America has been sold for an undisclosed price by the Republican party's need to win the election. They have successfully handed America over to the Kremlin without a shot being fired. The treasonous acts of our FBI director, James Comey to deliberately hide information of  Orange Hair's constant contact with his Russian handlers should send him to the gallows but it will not for the Republican base doesn't care if we're sold to the Russians or anyone else, they only love Orange Hair and Orange Hair tells them what to think and what to do and they do it without thinking.

We are at the hands of a great horde of illiterate self schooled Jesus freaks. They don't think, they only need someone's insults to go on. They don't have lives, they live thinking that Orange Hair will make them rich too. That's how stupid the Republican base is at the present. Orange Hair is tearing our educational system to shreds, people who think for themselves can be very dangerous. Should his base become educated they may think Orange Hair's insults and brags aren't worth the breath spent on them. And how then could Orange Hair control what they think, read and see.

It is time to rise up and join our forces before we all must learn Russian. We will be planting potatoes for Russia by this summer if something isn't done today. Join or forces in the City of Angels and fight this diabolical dictator that has taken our country hostage.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Commander Flynn, Orange Hair's GoBetween To Russia With Love

The Manchurian Candidate has happened with Flynn flying in to whisper in the Kremlin's ear at their beck and call. The Russians have successfully placed Orange Hair in the highest office of our land and they need only wait for Orange Hair to turn America the free, into Amerika the enslaved. Truths are lies and lies are truth, for we now have alternative facts to smoke screen the Republican base into believing it is so. Do Not Trust The Media. When you control the information, you control the people. Our country is in grave peril.

It is time to rise up and resist this great evil. Our freedom's, our very lives are at stake with Orange Hair and his madness for fame and fortune. For he will risk everything to cement his name as a world dictator to fear and worship.

Russia told Flynn to go after Iran. Now Orange Hair is fixated on a target, the most recent, an Iranian ship in International waters somewhere in the Persian Gulf. Orange Hair planned to board by force the ship and search the cargo for any contraband deemed so by Orange Hair.  That would most certainly lead to war with Iran. Orange Hair's planned was shelved, for the moment, being that international waters might present a problem of piracy. Not that resorting to piracy isn't beneath Orange Hair, he's been a pirate  his whole life. But his advisors got cold feet, there wasn't anyone convenient to blame it on should things go not as planned. Men of no honor look for none.

 We have our drones and devices at the ready should Orange Hair and his minions try to enter the City of Angels. The forces of oppression shall do so meeting great resistance by the free citizens of our beloved megalopolis, for we have not been fooled into thinking Orange Hair brings anything but misery and death.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Orange Digs In the Toilet and Pulls Out the Attorney General

Jeff Sessions one of the,  'Good ole' Boys' of Alabama, came out of Orange Hair's Porcelain Throne today covered in shit. So the butler, Dummkoph needed to scrub him white. Oh, does the butler take pleasure in this most sacred task, to clean anyone white. The butler, you see, believes that  if given a black man he could scrub him white.  Sessions is Lily Fucking White.

Already the lying crud has stated that 'Crime is UP' and he intends to put anyone not lily fucking white in jail. You see it's like this with the good ole boys of the South, you don't look like you're  inbred trailer trash then you is a criminal. Sessions is noted for his vetting  process to make sure the suspect is truly white. If the person shows signs of possible 'other than white' they are likely the criminal type and need long sentences working for white people. Sessons doesn't believe this is slavery but rather a way for criminals to pay for the crime of not being white.

Things are not going well with Orange Hair. His family packed off in ten different directions glad to rid themselves of the Beast. "I wanna be president," Orange Hair repeated night after night. And their response, of course was, "GO FOR IT." Anything to get rid of him sounded really good. Trouble is he is now the world's problem. He has been let loose and we, as in all of the planet, have a problem. After that he attacked the courts for ruling against him. ALL OF THEM Ruled against him. So Orange Hair can't arrest people at airports and torture them. This latest development is very upsetting to Orange Hair and at present he has slithered back to his Porcelain Throne to tweet and pout.

All Hail the Pouting Tweeter.