At War

Events, as they take place, on the siege of Orange Hair against the city of Los Angeles

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Siege of Los Angeles

We are now days away from the crowning of Orange Hair. Until then his tweets flow while he sits on the Great Porcelain Throne awaiting his coronation. Nimble are his fingers that twitter in anticipation as he thinks of tweets to degrade, to humiliate, and defame his growing enemy ready to fight the obnoxious beast of Hell, Orange Hair..

Born a deformed dwarf, his parents crafted him in business attire even as an infant with an orange helmet that he must wear at all times so that people won't stare at his small pudgy hands and feet, or his porcine belly. And worse of all his deformities, a head with a sack of skin under his chin that could hold a basket of fish if he were a pelican. But sadly Orange Hair, the deformed dwarf, was no pelican--just extremely ugly. 

This is our enemy, a hideous creature with a bad-ass attitude, caused by children throwing fish for him to catch in his mouth and pocket in the chin sack. He was made even meaner by the taunts in the shower room of having no dick to speak of, being hidden in a nest of wiry pubic hair longer than the dick. Masturbating was rubbing himself on the carpet along with the family dog's ass.

But we cannot show mercy to this imposter of a President. We must push ahead with our devices and drone darts for there is no mercy even for a hideously deformed dwarf who wants to enslave and torture mankind. The time is near and each person now must decide which side they will take in keeping Los Angeles and America--A Free Nation.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Orange Hair Attacks John Lewis

Another soldier of freedom suffered at the hands of Orange Hair. Who will take power this Friday unless the forces of Freedom can put an end to Orange Hair's madness. Mr. Lewis, the renown freedom fighter, who shed his blood for equality, was dismissed as a nuisance, a do nothing.  The Beast has no honor, for years he denied President Obama as our legitimate leader but he wants us to recognize him. NO WE WILL NOT. He is not our president, our chief, or leader. Orange Hair is a vile creature, a swamp nightmare, a hideous buffoon who will lead us only to ruin if he isn't stopped. 

We must girder our loins and prepare to fight Orange Hair on everything. Spare nothing to sabotage his campaign of discourse and chaos for it is a matter of survival, or to face ruin at the hands of Orange Hair's reign of terror. It is up to us, the free cities, cities of refuge, cities of sanctuary and hope to win this war and rid our land of the nightmare that is about to consume us. 

We have devices in place to spy on the Horror, Orange Hair. One device is near the Porcelain Throne where Orange Hair tweets and twitters as he shits turds to feed his believers. Dummkoph fishes them out with his bare hands and then gives the fetid glop to those who press it into wafers. Orange Hair's priest at Fox News give the wafers to his believers to sooth and intoxicate their moronic brains. They are willing slaves to Orange Hair and they too must be removed by any means possible.

We are at this moment making drones on a vast scale, each holding a poison dart at the ready. We will fill the skies with them until the drone darts blanket the sun turning day into night. Then they will descend on the shit eaters of Orange Hair and destroy them all.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Prepare for The Siege

We cannot mount forces yet strong enough to destroy Orange Hair. It is decided to prepare and fight him when he lays in wait for us. Orange Hair plans to demand we give him anyone who is not pure Aryan. He wants to cull all those who do not meet his standards and though other cities have relented some of us never will. Los Angeles is home to the world not just Orange Hairs. We stand united in our fight.

He plans to cut city funds first. Then the water and power, until we bend our knee but we will not. He will bomb, kill, poison but we will not give in. Orange Hair will send his minions among us but we will not change our minds. It is a fight for survival of who we are and without that nothing else matters. This is our home and our country and though a despot will rule we will resist, defend and survive.

We now have prove that the FBI director set up Hillary with a bogus e-mail scandal to help turn the vote. He was paid well by his handlers, Puss Stain and Orange Hair. Republicans have turned their back on freedom and we will remember this always. He is a traitor and the bureau can no longer be trusted by the people of this country. The FBI is now in the hands of villains and thieves, sold to anyone with the highest bid. Comey needs to leave the country and go his motherland, Russia and soon.

We are preparing for the siege, storing away as much as we can before the forces of evil descend on the City Of Angeles. I'm sure the FBI will try and penetrate but we will not be fooled by traitors. Not now or ever again. We will survive somehow though the battle may bend or will and backs, we will survive.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Orange Hair At Work

All things are done while seated on the Porcelain Throne. Orange Hair enters the Throne Room of marble, crystal chandeliers, and gold faucets. He passes the waiting bath and personal servant, his most important servant, for he has Trump's highest seal of approval, the Swastika of America. No one can wear this medal but those of pure Aryan blood that are raised to serve The Alpha. Dummkoph removed his own testicles once Orange Hair placed the medal around his neck. Picked up a knife right in front of Orange Hair and sliced them off clean. He then placed a hot iron on the wound to cauterize and seal the flesh. All of this without a flinch. Orange Hair was so proud and handed Dummkoph the golden bottle of hair dye that Dummkoph alone would use to keep Orange Hair's coiffure as orange as orange can be.

Dummkoph raised his arm in salute and clicked his steel boots as Orange Hair proceeded to the throne. His very personal servant's second most valuable service was to gather the turds and all deposits made while Orange Hair sat on the throne to feed his believers. Orange Hair would soon be tweeting and farting and Dummkoph sat posed to grab the turds has they floated by. What an honor, he thought, of all those he alone was privileged with this task.

We do not believe in Orange Hair or his fake presidency nor anything he says or does for he is a known charlatan and liar who stole the election and is hated by most and feared by the rest. We do not fear him or eat his shit that others who worship him crave. We are free and American, every woman, man, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Gay who despises Orange Hair and would like to set his tower of power, his precious throne room, and him--on fire.

It is our fight that we will take to the Tower of Power itself. We are planning a great war before Orange Hair can proceed on the siege of our beloved city, Los Angeles, City of Angels. We will attack before he is installed and allowed to move his throne room to the White House where he wants it installed so that congress and the senate can grovel while he tweets. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

To Russia With Love

Orange Hair snugly fits in his web of deception. His ties to Puss Stain and the fortune of slaves and power promised to Orange Hair by Puss Stain is all consuming. Orange Hair must sit on his porcelain throne to tweet and twitter to Puss Stain of how much he admires him and his ability to take any enemy, torture them, kill them and enslave. He kisses a portrait of Puss Stain sent to him by the Supreme Leader of the USSR. As his lips brush the cheek of Puss Stain, Orange Hair stares at the red star that blazes above the portrait. Orange Hair thinks it is the most beautiful of all stars.

But trouble is brewing, the press has hold of documents sequestered by Russia that shows Orange Hair's involvement in trickery and deception, a leash to tug on Orange Hair should he ever try to stray. Orange Hair is worried and relies on his minions to raise a fog of deception and lies to shake off those on his trail of trickery and treason.

Should Orange Hair succeed, Puss Stain will be pleased with the lessons Orange Hair has learned from his Russian keeper, he might even award him some medal for Orange Hair's treason if he brings Russia's goal of global power. Orange Hair is a convenient and stupid footstool for Puss Stain and he often thought what it would be like to use Orange Hair for that very purpose. Tied beneath the feet of Russia, America as Russia's footstool.

These latest developments on the developing siege of Los Angeles to press Los Angeles into giving homage to Orange Hair or die are critical to our survival. For if Orange Hair succeeds in hiding the truth and America doesn't wake from its stupor of fed lies and shit from the porcelain throne of Orange Hair, then we are doomed.

More info as developments occur.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Rescue of Prisoners from Orange Hair's Tower of Power

We had electronic devises that fooled  the security of Orange Hair's tower and secreted ourselves into the building in the early morning. We knew from the smell of foul gas that Orange Hair was seated on his porcelain throne twittering his tweets as he made meals of his waste to feed his followers. As we found our way to the dungeons the smell of Orange Hair's sentries eating the foul waste of Orange Hair was overpowering. Fortunately we brought gas masks and quickly put them on.

It was a bit of luck for us to hit at this opportune moment for the guards were in a stupor with the brown sludge from Orange Hair's intestines smeared on the guards mouth as they munched on the fetid cake of waste. We tried not to look least we lose the contents of our stomachs at such a horrible sight of the guards in their feast of shit as we snuck pass them and to the holding cells of the prisoners.

There we found the young women stripped of clothing and chained in front of the machine designed to torture them relentlessly. When they saw us, they became terrified at first thinking we were going to hurt them. But soon their fears turned to joy when we used our devices to release them from bondage and secured their way from Orange Hair's tower.

It wasn't until later that day that we heard the screams picked up from the devices planted in the tower to spy on Orange Hair and his evil minions when Orange Hair discovered our trickery and his guards stupidity. For Orange Hair turned his squeezing and pinching torture machines on his own guards, their genitals swollen and deformed as the machines fondled them unrelenting pulling and squeezing their penises and testicles. They met their deaths at the hands of their owner and good riddance to them. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Orange Hair Attacks One of Our Own

It was ugly but that is what war is all about. Meryl Streep stood to defend a handicapped man from the viciousness of Puss Stain's prodigy, Orange Hair. She stood against him and all that he stands for, and for her  bravery she is now under siege by the evil legions of Orange Hair. Streep's brave heart withstood the attacks but in his rage to beat down anyone who opposes him he has taken hostages to learn the ways of torture shown to him by Puss Stain.

Three young women are now in the hands of Orange Hair. Delivered to him because they sought abortions from incestuous rape. Orange Hair wants all women punished, no matter the circumstance, if they had or seek an abortion. He feels they are worthless creatures fit only for his demented pleasure.  They are now deep in the bowels of his tower chained while they wait the cruelty Orange Hair himself will administer on them. 

We are mounting a rescue, if it is not too late, to save the women from the cruel fate that Orange Hair plans to cause. He has devised a heinous apparatus that grabs a woman's genitalia squeezing  and pulling constantly on the tender flesh until they are driven mad or die. He relishes his machine forged in Russia with a promise of more to come by Puss Stain himself.  

It is tonight that our forces will try and penetrate the Tower. We are armed and at the ready with devices to secret ourselves inside the Tower's wall and, with the help of all good people, rescue the young women before his cruelty is unleashed. 

At the moment, Orange Hair is sitting on his porcelain throne throwing tweets.  He twitters and tweets while seated in the early morning as he empty his bowels of foul fetid waste to feed his minions who crave more and more of his colonic passings.

It is then that we shall attack. When he is the most vulnerable, his withered penis and testicles dangling near the sewage of his making, his drawers about his ankles and his hands busy with mischief. We will charge giving him no time to plan. The battle begins.

More as new developments occur.